Reduce Road Glare for Safer Driving

Safe Driving

Any type of glare that is reflecting from your windshield, mirrors or similar surface is more hazardous than you may initially consider. The sun of summer, for instance, is a major culprit in producing glares onto vehicles on the road, and a blinding effect to their drivers. Yet, there are a few things you can do on your own to minimize your vehicle’s susceptibility to glares while on the road. You can also, of course, consult a professional such as the experts at Three Rivers Auto Glass!

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How Summer Heat Effects Your Windshield

Heat Effects in Your Windshield

When it comes to your windshield being bothered by temperature-related cracks and similar damage, it is not necessarily the temperature itself that leaders toward damage. The actual change in temperature is what initiates windshield problems, such as layer deterioration, cracks and splits. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we know how to get your vehicle’s interior cabin temperature just right, without worries about exterior temperatures.

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When to Replace or Repair Auto Glass

Auto Glass Repair

When it comes to your auto glass, any imperfections can result in a disrupted view of the road. This can be a danger to you, other drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Even a small crack from a rogue pebble can turn into a shattered windshield once you hit the right speed bump. At Three Rivers Auto Glass, we know when it is safe to repair your auto glass, as well as when you need to simply replace it.

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What solution fits your broken windshield; is it to repair the chip or to replace the windshield?

Finding the Solution for your Broken Windshield

Do you know that more than 50% of car drivers end up confused on what to do when they sustain a rock chip on their windshield? At cracked windshield repair Pittsburgh, we found out that some drivers would end up replacing the windshield when a repair would have been the best fit. In order to understand the situations when a repair or a replacement is needed, we shall be outlining them on the following paragraphs.

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The Safety Significance that Windshield Offers

Windshield Safety

One of the most overlooked safety features in a vehicle is the windshield. Most of the car users agree that windshield plays a vital role in our cars. The importance includes keeping wind, rain, cold, heat, as well as numerous bugs and road particles away from our faces. We replace damaged and cracked windshields to enjoy the above advantages of windshields but most importantly to avoid tickets by the police officers. Are the cops the real concern so as to keep the windshield undamaged? Even though the cost of the tickets might be hefty to the owners, there are other duties that windshield performs that surpasses the value.

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Window Repair Damage to Look out For

Window Damage Repair

Windows provide our cars with natural lighting and ventilation, as well as help keep our cars protected and sealed from damages. As such, it is only right for every car owner to find the time to learn about how they can take better care of their windows. And this starts with understanding this important component, which involves understanding the basic conditions and common issues including what we can do to prevent them from destroying our cars.

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Is it Time to Repair, or Replace?

What to do With your Windshield

Any auto glass can be damaged and it is a frustrating situation that nobody likes. However in this article, we will talk about whether you need to do auto glass replacement or auto glass repair. Sometimes, even though we think that a replacement is needed, a repair could be much cheaper and smarter solution. If you see a damage on your auto glass, don’t think that it can be fixed. You don’t have to always pay huge amounts for glass replacements. So, let’s see, when is it right time to do a repair and when is the right time to do a replacement? Despite the situation you are in, visiting your local glass repair shop who can give you relevant answers and solutions and do the repair is a must.

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Repairing Chips in the Winter

Chips in the Winter

Most people who have been driving for a few years can tell you that you’re more likely to get a chip or crack in your windshield during the winter. That’s because sudden swings in temperature, like what happens during frigid Pittsburgh winters, can take microscopic chips and turn them into long, spiderweb-like cracks that can make it difficult to see while you’re driving.

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